Commercial Services

Fitting your commercial or warehouse space with the right doors offers a variety of benefits: it gives your business curb appeal and inspires confidence, it allows fast and easy loading and unloading of goods, and it provides excellent security for your products outside of working hours. At Wayne’s Overhead Doors, we’ve been delivering, installing, and servicing commercial overhead doors in Upstate, SC areas for years. Our stellar reputation in the Upstate SC community speaks for itself, so make us your first and last stop when shopping for commercial and loading dock doors.

Commercial Rolling Steel Door

A classic answer to wide doorways, our commercial rolling doors feature slats made of galvanized steel and aluminum or stainless steel construction to take whatever punishment your day-to-day operations need to dole out. Whether you’re accepting a last-minute delivery or need to open and close the door frequently to confer with your delivery network, we’ll make sure that your door never makes it on your ever-growing to-do list.

Available in insulated, non-insulated, and/or fire-rated designs.
Convenient roll-up overhead coil design minimizes storage space.
Select from chain hoist or electric-powered models to suit your needs.

Sectional Steel Doors

Even with the best drivers on both your fleet and your vendor’s fleet, accidents can and do happen where large trucks are involved. Don’t let an accidental bump or building-related fender-bender compromise the security and integrity provided by your warehouse door. Our sectional steel doors allow for replacement of any damaged sections, as well as the incorporation of features like top-edge windows for customization at your site.

Available in insulated and non-insulated designs.
Additional options allow for a custom door solution.
Select from chain hoist or electric-powered models to suit your needs.

Commercial Sheet Door

Popular in commercial applications where multiple similar doors are needed (e.g. storage unit facilities), sheet doors are durable and a great choice for applications that require frequent opening and closing. When paired with accessories like weather stripping, they offer an economical solution that can be quickly and efficiently installed at your upstate SC site by our team of experts.

Available in push-up, hand chain, and electrically-operated designs.
Economical and easily installed by our expert team.
Customization needs? Just give us a call for a quote.

Loading Dock Equipment

At Wayne’s Overhead Doors, we know that doors are part of an overall package of accessories that make your business run smoothly. We’re proud to offer additional products, including:

Dock levelers / dock plates for easy loading and unloading from trucks.
Vehicle restraint systems for safe, secure docking during loading and delivery.
Dock seals and shelters to keep both employees and stock safe from the elements.

Gate Openers

On pieces of property with long drives and substantial fenced-in areas, gate openers are a must for allowing deliveries through without sacrificing time and effort. Our gate automation products allow you to determine access to your site in moments while securing your facility or home against trespassers and unwanted wildlife at the same time.

Both commercial and residential styles available.
Saves time and effort: no need to physically travel to the gate.
Adjustable to meet your needs and safeguard your property's security.

High Performance Door

Wear and tear is a concern for every physical aspect of business in upstate SC: fleet vehicles, furniture, and office equipment. It doesn’t need to be a concern when it comes to your doors: our high-performance door options take stress out of the equation. Built specifically to stand up to heavy everyday use (and abuse), they’re the perfect solution to Spartanburg-area companies that have high demands for their entryways.

Built specifically to offer a durable, low-maintenance door experience.
Ideal for high-traffic areas like main warehouse entrances.
An affordable option, particularly versus frequent door replacement.

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